Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smart Phone Eruption

(Revamp of my first ever blog post.)

What is a PC for? Desktops are dying, laptops are standard, and smart phones are taking over.
15 years ago desktop PCs were standard. 10 years ago laptops emerged and have now become a staple in a majority of Families’ homes. 

Today, smart phones and tablets are slowly killing the need for a laptop. I just checked my bank balance, paid a bill, sent an email, received a picture of my buddy in a tutu via MMS, and managed my Fantasy Football team all in a matter of minutes on my phone. 

Now these are perfect mobile tasks, but what about tasks requiring true horsepower? Motorola’s Atrix is attempting to blur laptops and phones together to create a lap-phone…or phone-top. You get the idea. It has a special dock to get a good size 11.6″ screen and full QWERTY keyboard. Granted it costs a few hundred bucks for the dock, but the fact that you can dock it is intriguing. This seems great for writing Word docs, constructing complex emails, and other MS Office-type tasks. I know what you’re thinking…”Can it do Crysis?” You and I know the answer is a resounding…”No,” but this idea sounds very promising for mobile gamers. Also, as phones get more powerful, laptops are likely to improve their performance and price points. Much like the advancement of the laptop has only helped the desktop PC become a very affordable home-computing option.

With the advent of dual-core processor phones, I'm excited for smart phones to start doing my taxes and household chores for me. The mobile future is bright, put on your technology sunglasses and enjoy the sunrise.

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