Friday, September 9, 2011

Droid Bionic Hulking Extra Battery

Soapbox on Batteries
I'm sorry, this is just a step in the wrong direction. I'm all for a feature-packed device lasting all day, but those features should not come at the cost of needing this hulking attachment of a battery. I have a bulge in my pocket already (from a phone). I don't need it any more clumsy or anchor-like than the Bionic already is. These are supposed to be mobile phones after all...not brick replacements. More innovation should be put into battery management (software efficiencies), not giant battery attachments. It's kinda like a slap in the face. It's Motorola saying, "Hey, we know our huge device has features that suck battery faster than a thirsty voltage-seeking vampire. We're not going to do anything about it except offer you this giant wart that makes it last longer. Oh, you want it for free? Sorry, it will cost you your third born child (they get left out so often)."

Costly Endeavor
Not only the bulge issue, but how much is this battery? Check reviews of the Bionic, it received great reviews, but the cost? Let's not talk about that...........ok let's. It costs $300 on contract through Verizon. Yes, more than you would ever hope to pay for a smart phone. Oh, but it has "awesome" add-on accessories:
  • "Laptop" dock - Can use real keyboard, trackpad, and good size screen to toodle around your phone. However, it does not support real PC applications at $300 more. I don't think you heard me, $300 more!  Do people realize they can spend less than $400 to get a good laptop from that does infinitely more and has better battery life?
  • HD Station dock - Hook it up to a TV and charge the phone for $100...OR how about buying a $5 micro-HDMI cable from
  • Webtop adapter - For $30, hook your phone up to an external monitor. Once again, why not just get a $5 micro-HDMI cable?
Every once in awhile I need to get something off my this case it's an entire battery brick.  
What gripes do you have with today's tech?

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