Thursday, July 28, 2011

JoliOS: The Webapp-centric OS

What do you do 90% of the time on your PC?
Let me predict: check social networks, check and send email, and surf the web. Light-weight internet based JoliOS accomplishes all this and more via its hundreds of webapps (I created this blog post in the Blogger app).

I followed this easier than pie guide to install and configure JoliOS as a second bootable OS along  Windows 7 on my HP dv6 laptop.

Amazingly Simple
All drivers loaded with ease (using dv7 drivers), and it just works! It's a great concept of having apps that are simple to find and have your account signed into with a simple click, and did I mention that it's ridiculously fast?! 

From power on, it takes 10-15 seconds to boot into this homescreen. Closing the laptop lid promptly puts the laptop to sleep. Re-opening the lid awakens the laptop back into JoliOS in literally 2 seconds!

Mine is a fairly modern laptop, but JoliOS can be installed on any PC that is 10 years old or less. It is extremely light-weight. 

Perhaps the best feature of JoliOS is that you can view your desktop in any modern browser from any internet connected PC. Simply login to

To complete the install, I installed EasyBCD on Windows 7. Within EasyBCD, it was a snap to set my default bootable OS to Windows 7 with a 3 second delay. This allows me 3 seconds upon pressing power to select the second bootable option, JoliOS.

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