Monday, June 20, 2011

Hand-held 3D - 2011's Fad or Here to stay?

3D is all its gimmicky glory. Here are a few new 3D devices that have a parallax barrier screen to display 2 separate images (1 to each eye) to generate a stereoscopic 3D image:

Nintendo 3DS
The first hand-held console to support 3D sans glasses. I must admit that I would want this system just to replay my all-time favorite game in stereoscopic 3D (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), but I'm just not sure the system is worth $250.

Sharp Aquos Phone SHI12
Just announced on, this phone will feature dual cameras for stereoscopic 3D picture taking and presumably 3D HD video capture. Also presumably, you will be able to play these back in 3D sans glasses right on the phone.

HTC EVO 3D Phone
This phone is 2011's version of the 2010 EVO 4G. It has an upgraded display, dual core processor, and the ability to shoot and playback 3D pics and video sans glasses.

LG Optimus 3D Phone
LG aims to capture and playback 3D photos and videos, as well with their Optimus 3D phone.

I originally heard of these 3D devices and thought, "Cool!" Now I'm not so sure, wondering if it has the same lasting appeal as that lighter or brostache app you showed to your buddies when you got your first "smart" phone (see video below). 3D is a neat trick, but part of me wonders about the headaches induced, and some people have troubles seeing 3D. Regardless, 3D is here now, and it's up to consumers and their wallets to decide how long it stays.

What do you think, is 3D here to stay?

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  1. Too many references to endgadget in this blog post. As an iPhone user and someone who enjoys the iPhone, endgadget has become an apple fanboy site. Mark my words, if Apple puts 3D in a device, they will praise it.

    Other than that, I too am wondering whether 3D through the use of a paralax barrier will maintain it's wow factor or become a novelty after a while.