Monday, June 13, 2011

Future Proofing: Technology's Everest

Look into my incandescent crystal ball...
How do you future proof something? How do you define future proof? 
Usually a gadget offers something new to the public. New is defined loosely, as well. 
"New" basically takes on a mix of these three: better, faster, cheaper. This may take on any of these definitions:
  • A service the competition does not offer.
  • A feature that provides new functionality.
  • A feature that improves performance.
  • Same features and quality as competitors, but significantly cheaper.
In any case, companies need to release products by bringing something new to the table. Nothing new = no sales.

The Myth
Really, the term "future proof" is a myth. Any time the latest, greatest gadget comes out, people say "It can never get better than this!" But then something more awesome rears its head and steals the show, and everyone is shocked! No WAY! How did they do that! It will never get better than that!!

To future proof a gadget, companies need to make something new. It has to remain "new" for a few months and at least keep up with other gadgets released in those coming months. As a consumer in the market for said gadget, it may be worth it to spend a few more bucks on the upgrade to ensure you won't have consumer envy in the near future.

Consumer Survival
How does the consumer live in this constant game of catch up? Simple...complacency. Whether you're rocking Blu-ray with a 3D flatscreen or still watching VHS tapes on your black and white, there is a place in this world for you. The world is divided into 2 sets of people: early adopters and the rest. My advice? Let the early adopters find out what works and what doesn't, then make your choice. As the economy will tell us, your money is one gadget that is not future proof.

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  1. I think its impossible to future proof gadgets but comps can be future vaccinated. If you're smart and buy the right system, you can delay the inevitable upgrade. Apple is a good example of how fast gadgets cycle through. Aren't they on ipod v6.9 by now?