Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Increase Story Readability in your Web Browser

Safari Reader in iOS 5
The new Safari Reader feature for iOS5 inspired me to get the Readability and Blank your Monitor and Easy Reading add-ons for Firefox. You'll never read stories the same on the web.

What Readability add-on does
Example of a story before formatting:

Unformatted story

Story after hitting Ctrl+Alt+R to format it:

Formatted story
What Blank Your Monitor add-on does
Formatted story after hitting Ctrl+Alt+B:

Formatted story with colors inverted

As you can see, these add-ons make it easy to read your story, removing ads and other content from the screen. Simply hit Ctrl+Alt+B to toggle invert colors, and Ctrl+R to reload the unformatted story. Though inverting the colors may not be for everyone, it is interesting to try. Try them out today!

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